Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Twizzlers and Jelly Beans and Cadbury Eggs, Oh My!

Joy of all joys.  My class ended an hour early tonight!  I really should stop expecting this class to take the entire time, it's a seminar so we are all writing a major research paper and basically just meet to go over things like how many pages it is and what the organization should look like.  But still, it's over and now I have an entire, blissful hour to myself!  Well, technically I suppose I should be working on my 25 page paper due Wednesday or my 8 page paper due Thursday...but my Google calendar says I don't start on that stuff until 8:00, so I am going to use this time to blog and eat candy.

That's right, candy!  My loving mother sent a gigantonormous box filled with candy of all sorts as an early Easter present.  So the roommates and I have been mowing through it at a pretty solid pace.  I also gave some to some friends in the suite down the hall because, well, type 2 diabetes (like love) should be shared.

Other than the candy, I have been eating pretty well the past couple of days.  I went to Whole Foods for one final grocery shopping trip before the end of the semester.  I was almost out of soy milk and cereal, so I pretty desperately needed it.  While I was there, I treated myself to a bowl of Adobo Black Bean soup and a peasant roll.  Yummy.

I love Whole Foods with a passion that is almost scary in its intensity.  But it was a terrible, rainy day and soup really hit the spot.  That is one of the ways that you know that spring really has sprung in DC.  It rains, a lot.  I actually don't mind it all that much, it means that my superhero rain boots are used pretty frequently (they're bright red and go up to about my knee).  The other way you know it's springtime at American University?  The squirrels reappear!

The oh-so elusive black squirrel in its natural habitat, the quad.  In all seriousness though, I am a tiny bit obsessed with the black squirrels.  As someone who grew up in an area with just the plain old grey ones, I just think that the black squirrels are da-bomb.  I also wonder whether they ever feel any desire to rise up against the man and protest grey oppression in squirrel-dom...or perhaps I am just anthropomorphizing them a bit too much.   And in my last bit of news...

Yes!  I am officially a blogger!  Now I have an awesome t-shirt/blogging uniform that I may or may not be wearing right's sooo soft.  Anyway, my dad found this shirt at one of my favorite stores, Raygun, in Des Moines and thought it was pretty awesome.  And he was right!  Thanks Dad!

Well, that's all that's happened in my life recently.  It's coming up to that most dreaded time of the year...finals.  I have many essays to write, a couple of tests, and the odd presentation to round out my year.  That said, I am going to try and keep posting about twice a week.  I have somehow (through begging) convinced my roommates that we need to do a falafel dinner at my favorite falafel place, so look for a review of that in the upcoming week!

Until next time!

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  1. So you may have seen on facebook but Susan Meyers told me that they have black squirrels in Dubuque. Who knew??? Perhaps you can put your research skills to good use and find out how prevalent they really are. I would feel pretty stupid if they are all over the US and we are acting like they are some rare, special treat.