Friday, April 29, 2011

Founding Farmers Post-Final Food

So, I have a little math question for all of my lovely bloggies out there.  What do you get when you add...

2, 25-30 page research papers
3 written finals
32 books from the AU, Georgetown, George Washington, and...believe it or not...Brigham Young University Libraries
6 hours of sleep per night
= A very tired, stressed college student

And what is the best cure for stress?  Food, of course!  My mom, cousin, and aunts visited D.C. a couple of weeks ago and I wanted desperately to take them to Founding Farmers.  It's an awesome restaurant in the city that focuses on really fresh, delicious food.  It's also incredibly popular and, apparently, difficult to get into during Cherry Blossom season and we weren't going to wait the two and a half hours it would take to get a table.

The moral of the story? We left, Founding Farmer's-less and found a different restaurant.  However, my wonderful Aunt Mo must have seen the raw disappointment in my face at the prospect of missing out on the opportunity to eat at FF, and so she sent me a gift card to go and eat there with my friends (thanks Aunt Mo!).

So, I needed a post-finals, post-paper, celebratory dinner and I only had one place on my mind.  We made reservations, got dressed up (my roommates picked out my shirt because I apparently cannot be trusted to wear anything more fancy than a t-shirt and jeans when left to my own devices), and headed to Founding Farmers!

We had a lovely meal, consisting of a couple of shared appetizers.

An amazing fried green tomato with goat cheese spread and a cornbread skillet with honey butter.  The roomies and I were so famished that I totally forgot to take pictures before we dug in, but you guys get the idea.  I followed this yumminess with some FF butternut squash ravioli with brown butter sage sauce.

Founding Farmers makes their own pasta.  That's right, they fresh make the pasta every day and then fill it with magnificent pureed butternut squash.  It was great, simultaneously salty from the parmesan and sweet from the squash.  But it wouldn't have been a true night out if we had stopped there.

Beignets.  When we ordered them, our waitress said that it would take an extra fifteen minutes for them to make the batter and fry them up.  Freshly fried sugar covered beignets?  I would wait forever.

Yeah, it's a pretty cool place.  I'll be dragging people back.  A lot.

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